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At Perth Hypnosis Specialists we are dedicated to empowering clients, enabling them to make changes to improve their wellbeing.

As recognised specialists in the field, we are:
Highly trained in all aspects of hypnotherapy and mind sciences
Continually engaged in professional development
Acknowledged as health providers with participating health funds

All of the team at Perth Hypnotherapy Specialists are actively involved Clinical Members of recognised hypnotherapy associations including the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association (AHA), National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia (NHRA) and the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia (PHA), enhancing the field of hypnotherapy. This ensures you receive a quality, trusted hypnotherapist to conduct your sessions each and every time.

We have:
Extensive and varied expertise Offices conveniently located North & South of the river
Female and male therapists available
After-hours appointments available

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Why Choose Us?

Collectively, our uniquely trained therapists at Perth Hypnotherapy Specialists cover different areas of life experiences to bring together an exceptional blend of services to offer the Perth community.
There is the old African Proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. We at PHS have created a ‘village’ to offer our blend of services from addictions, to children to weight loss and everything in-between.

We believe that one size does not fit all and therefore our highly trained therapists offer specialised services in different areas. Such as Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Trauma, Weight management, Fears and Phobias, Insomnia, Sports performance, Addictions, Physical Issue such as Pain, IBS etc. Habitual behaviours, such as Nail biting, Hair pulling, Sexual issues to name a few.

We also help many people quit smoking with hypnosis in Perth and have developed specialised techniques to help people kick the habit for good. Proven to help relieve the desire to smoke, hypnosis creates new neurological pathways that help change the learned pattern of smoking behaviour. Once this has occurred, clients find it easy to permanently quit smoking using hypnosis.

Children and Teenagers come with their own distinctive issues, such as Bed wetting, Toileting, Exam Anxiety, Bullying, Self-esteem, Separation Anxiety, Sleep, Fear of the dark, Fear of noises, Concentration, Motivation, Anger, Fussy eating and much more. We are well equipped to adapt to their requirements offering a comfortable setting where their needs can be addressed by our understanding approach, enhancing expectations of a favourable outcome.

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Lisa Webber | Clinical Hypnotherapist

Lisa Webber, a clinical hypnotherapist, focuses on empowering children and teenagers.

Having studied and worked for many years as a school teacher and university tutor, Lisa has a thirst for learning. She co-authored a series of textbooks which have sold over one million copies. Throughout her adult life she has completed many personal and professional development courses, as well as having an interest in health and wellbeing.

She discovered the Australian Academy of Hypnosis and Rick Collingwood. Rick is acknowledged as one of the worlds most skilled professional hypnotists and hypnosis trainers. Lisa feels very privileged to have been able to study under him. As a perpetual student, she has been studying for several years with Dr Michael Yapko, who is well respected in the field and a world leader in the field of depression. She is now fortunate enough to call him her mentor.

Lisa has served on both of the hypnotherapy committees in Western Australia; the Australian Hypnotherapists Association – AHA and the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia – PHA, while also holding the position of training officer in both.

Lisa combines techniques from a range of hypnotherapies, from traditional direct suggestion, to regression and strategic psychotherapy delivering and individual and well rounded treatment. She takes pride in what she does and strives to achieve the best result for you and your family.

Beverly de la Harpe | Clinical Hypnotherapist

Beverley de la Harpe is a Master NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist (Dip) and has trained extensively over the past 20 years with world renowned trainers such as Gary de Rodriguez and Michael Yapko. She has also completed studies with Stephen Gilligan, who was one of Milton Erickson’s students; Bob Bodenhamer, Michael Hall, and Australia’s own Rick Collingwood, who has been a frontrunner for hypnotherapy in Australia.

Her philosophy is based in the belief that all behaviors are motivated by unconscious impulses, namely neurological triggers. These triggers, whether negative or positive are based upon certain beliefs that we act upon when triggered by specific situations. NLP helps to identify these triggers which cause us to think or react in a particular way. When we understand what the triggers are, we can utilize them to transform and resolve a negative thought pattern and belief. Thus allowing us to transform our anxieties, fears or destructive behaviours, into positive belief systems and lead more enriching lives.

Beverley’s passion and enthusiasm for her work shines through and coupled with her varied and extensive education and experience in the healing arena “gets results”. She runs a busy practice and works out of offices conveniently located South of the river off Canning Highway.

Beverley also does couple counseling and conflict resolution.

She is a Clinical Member, Training Co-ordinator and Accredited Supervisor with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA), as well as a member and Supervisor of the Professional Hypnotists of WA (PHWA); American Board of Hypnotherapy and an accredited Time Line Therapist and Extended DISC® Consultant.

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