Children Hypnotherapy

Many people are surprised that children and teenagers want to experience hypnotherapy. They often ask what it can help them with. The answer is simple – hypnosis can help children deal with many childhood issues. In fact, young people make wonderful clients as they have vivid imaginations. Through hypnosis, you can channel the imagination and use it purposefully to create changes in thoughts, feelings, behaviours and self-talk. Interestingly, as a general rule, kids and teens respond more positively and more rapidly than many adults who experience hypnosis. Parents as well as these young clients, are often pleasantly surprised how long term issues can be modified very quickly with our expert children’s hypnosis services.

At Perth Hypnotherapy Specialists, we are skilled and practised in working with children and adolescents. Generally hypnosis is most effective with school age children, however children as young as three have been successfully treated. To benefit from hypnosis, the client needs to be able to concentrate for short periods and follow directions. Most importantly, the client, whether it be a teen or a child, must want to make internal changes. You know the saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” Over the years it has been obvious that this desire to make changes and feel better is a useful indicator of readiness for hypnotherapy.

Some of the issues that our child hypnotherapy in Perth can assist with are:

Confidence and self esteem
Dealing with bullying
Fears and Phobias
Organisation and time management
Study, concentration and memory
Anxiety, including exam anxiety and social anxiety
Bed wetting
Fussy eating
Sleep issues
Enhancing sport performance

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