“I’m going really well and want to thank you for our session.
I did not know what to expect and wondered when I left had anything really changed.
To my great delight and surprise, it wasn’t till much later in the day when I noticed I had not even thought of having a cigarette! The momentum has continued and even my husband has commented on my moods have changed!
I wanted to thank you sincerely and will be singing your praises!”


“Having been a smoker for well over 30 years and tried to give up smoking for many years with no success using various methods after one session with Perth Hypnotherapy specialists I knew I was a non smoker for good. I felt very comfortable in a very friendly and extremely professional environment – Thank you”



“I was recommended by a close family member who had suffered depression for many years and was now a new man, I anticipated there might be hope for me although still not yet a believer. During the first session something changed I could see the light at the end of a very long dark tunnel which I had entered as a teenage boy. I have started a new journey and at 73 years of age I am looking at a far brighter future.”



“Thanks for checking in on me. I’ve been going really well actually wearing nail polish for the first time!
I have caught myself picking occasionally and done what you suggested and find myself admiring my nails rather than wanting to pick at them! I feel so proud, thank you. ”



“I have seen a big improvement in my student after only two sessions with the
child specialist from Perth Hypnotherapy Specialists. The student has been
more focused and has a more positive approach towards her schoolwork and has
a better approach to schooling in general. The student is approaching new
things which would have usually caused anxiety, with a confident, calm
attitude. She seems more alert and can definitely focus for longer periods
of time. Amazing! There has also been less dobbing which is great.”


“I first heard about the child specialist from Perth Hypnotherapy Specialists
from a friend. My 8 year old daughter had choked on food and stopped eating
completely. After being discharged from PMH on liquids I took my daughter to
Perth Hypnotherapy Specialists. From our first visit I could tell I had made
the right decision. We started on my daughter’s severe anxiety level and
fear of eating. Week by week the hypnotherapist helped her to regain her
confidence and gave her CDs to listen to at home between session. This
practitioner has a way with children and encourages them and makes them
believe in themselves to overcome their problems. It took a while but my
daughter is eating again. Thankyou.”

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